A Param to describe logical parameters.


R6::R6Class object inheriting from Param.


ParamLgl$new(id, special_vals = list(), default = NO_DEF, tags = character())

See Arguments of Param.


Fields of Param, and additionally:

  • lower :: numeric(1)
    Lower bound. Always NA for this parameter.

  • upper :: numeric(1)
    Upper bound. Always NA for this parameter.

  • levels :: logical(2)
    Allowed levels. Always c(TRUE, FALSE) for this parameter.

  • nlevels :: Inf
    Number of categorical levels. Always 2 for this parameter.

  • is_bounded :: TRUE
    Are the bounds finite? Always TRUE for this parameter.


See Param.

See also


ParamLgl$new("flag", default = TRUE)
#> id class lower upper levels default #> 1: flag ParamLgl NA NA TRUE,FALSE TRUE